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Packing lists for serial planners and last-minute scramblers.
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We’ve got your packing lists sorted…

Before we even launched, someone said to us “OMG! I never knew how much I needed this in my life.”

Well, to tell you the truth we already knew you needed it, because we did too.

Born from a spreadsheet and over a decade of travelling the globe, we’re proud to give you the most awesome collection of carefully curated packing lists for every type of trip or occasion you could ever imagine.

The ultimate packing list for travel for work for a day out for moving out for everything!

No matter where you're travelling, we think we've made something god-tier right here.
This one covers everything from work to play, solo to families, boiling hot to frozen cold, and everything in between.
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Our collection of packing lists

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Seasonal packing lists

Streamline your essentials with our collection of packing lists by season.

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Packing lists for sport

Never leave your [insert sports equipment here] behind ever again.